The Grand Kids & Family.

Perfection is for bragging about. Imperfections are for loving.
Something a grandmother understands best.

Chris, 25, an accomplished  mechanic.  He works for Pepsi and has had quick promotions. Jenniffer, 20, should become a fashion model.  Until then, she loves her tips as a waitress. James, 23,  has his dad's charm and charisma.  He is undecided on his career. Shira,  21, has worked for 5 years.  She currently has 3 jobs, saving for college .

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Amber is Gavin's Mom.  She has worked for Wal-Mart for 3 years and enjoys both job and motherhood. Gavin: 7, loves school. He's a very self sufficient guy.  See below when he was only 3. Randy: My Son.  Dad of Chris, James, Shira Jenniffer and Amber. Works in communications.

Ken, 23,  Electrician.  Married and father of Emma Jenny, 18, is in College and working part time Jessie, 21,  Married and working for Microsoft

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Sandra: My Daughter & Mom of Ken, Jenny & Jessie.  Grandmother of Emma. Seamstress and Quilter.

Me. Forever mother. I think I am suppose to be  retired, but my new  projects keep me busier then when I was working.

My husband, Loren .  Retired? Hobies include fishing, computers & welding and Cowboy Action Shooting.

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Marcella: My Mom.    Alfred (1899-1986) & Lolita (1903-1984): My Grandparents.  Gone but never forgotten. (pix1981)   Abner (1866  -1964) Grandpas Dad    (pix 1952) He taught Sunday School for 25 years.