The Good Things


Feeling down, feel blue, take a minute to think of a thing or two.

What would you miss if you were gone, the wind, the stars, a birds song. You would never again hear the laughter of a child enjoying life to see them tumbling on the ground playing with their friends a game of hide and seek maybe?

Have you watched a plane go flying by and wondered where it was going? To Brazil, the orient or the misty moors of England. Have you felt the wonder of the unknown... the infinity of space.

Are you reading, watching a tv series....what's going to happen next....
Have you ever waited for the next movie in a series of them the "Harry Potter" or "Lord of the Rings" is the next going to be as good as the first? Have the actors been changed?

Have you watched a sunset and seen the gold turn to misty blue the clouds laced in pink. Or have you watched the sun arise the sky turn orange from a lightened blue then to gold with shadows stretching out from trees and buildings.

Have you exhilarated with the feel of lightening and thunder...felt nature in her glory as she makes the plants grow and makes room for the new.

The water in a wave washing rocks to shore, the salt wind in your face telling you of depths unseen.

Have you found the wonder have you seen the glory of the world and the people dwelling here. Peer around the corner examine the stones beneath your feet. Realize you are the same and different from nature. A part of and apart. We are made of the things that stars are made of we are the wind the trees the earth. Revel in your differences and in the parts that are the same.

Think of all the good things, the taste of food, the sound of music, the thoughts expressed in books and movies. The things which are soft to your skin.

Think of these and more! Hang on for the darkness shall depart with time and you shall once more be standing in the light of dawn in wonder and awe of the color around you.

If we go, when we go, we shall be missed if only for the things undone, that word not spoken. Be there to do them, to say them. We are all needed to make the world turn in its place to answer questions to spark the fire of creation.

Yes, you and even I are needed. We may not understand why or what for....but I feel deep down that there is a purpose to this even in the pain. Be there....think...remember the small...the wind, the rock, the song of birds. We need you to be here. Remember the good things.

Author unknown