What Will Your "DASH" Represent?

When we die, our grave marker will be a reminder that we lived.
It declares our individuality.
It lists our name & those who loved us,
The date of our birth & the date of our death.

One thing all markers have in common is the little 'Dash' between the dates.
That 'Dash' tells nothing,
But it represents the whole life of that individual.
It represents the legacy that was left for generations to come.

Our name and date of birth are a matter of history.
Throughout our life we will be working on our 'Dash'.
It is always horizontal, representing how we care about other people.

If we have made a lasting impact on enough people
We will be remembered for a time.
If we have brought honor to God,
We will be remembered for eternity.

Revision of original work by Wayne Nix