10/10/10:  I am a 65 year old mother of 2, grandmother of 8 and great grandmother of 12. I was married 35 years when I decided I was tired!! I am 11 years into my second marriage and plan for it to last as long as the first, but with much less regret and much more happiness. For 35 years I made custom wedding gowns. Then for 6 years, I made corsets (the real thing). I've always been self employed because I have problems being told what to do :-) Originally from California, spent 18 years in Idaho before moving to the Ozarks in Arkansas. I miss the Idaho mountains and some special private places at 'hidden lakes' where I spent quiet time alone with the sounds of nature. My family is in Idaho & Washington state, 2000 miles away and not interested in coming to visit, so I surround myself with 'fur kids'. They never hurt my feelings, do not judge me and love me unconditionally. I rescue mostly Great Pyrenees and find them homes, but several are 'keepers'.  I enjoy building web sites and interacting with the dogs.  I use to make inlaid area rugs, go boating & swimming, help DH turn a '48 Ford pickup into a hot rod ( never finished) and playing pool.  I rarely sew anymore unless it is something for the house or the dogs.